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The Plasma Universe

Cambridge Univ. Press

"The Plasma Universe is a lively, compact, beautifully illustrated and eminently readable exposition of the amazing scope of modern plasma physics. The common phenomena underlying plasma TV's sunspots and the violent death of stars are lucidly explained at level suitable for a broad audience. I particularly liked the one-page profiles of the scientists who shaped the subject, starting with Irving Langmuir, that are sprinkled throughout the text: they provide welcome historical context and human interest."

Curtis Callen, Professor of Physics, Princeton University, and President-Elect, American Physical Society

"In The Plasma Universe Curt Suplee explains in an entertaining way and in educated layman's terms what constitutes plasmas, their complex behavior, the history of plasma science right up to the use of plasmas in modern day and future technologies. In these pages, is a concise summary of our current understanding of strange and beautiful phenomena on earth and in stars and galaxies around us.... I recommend [it]for anyone who likes to look at beautiful pictures and who might be interested in the history of science and the process of discovery and innovation."

Cherry Murray, Dean, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and President, American Physical Society