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The New Everyday Science Explained

The New Everyday Science Explained updates Curt Suplee's coffee table classic with 21st-century answers to many of the most common science questions, and quite a few uncommon ones. Why is the sky blue? How can we get rid of body fat? Why do we get sunburned? Is light a wave or a particle? Organized around general principles such as "Matter and Motion" and "The Chemistry of Life," this is an ideal family reference book, genuinely appropriate for both adults and children. And because it's from National Geographic, it's full of amazing photographs--a tightrope walker, red blood cells killed by malaria protozoans, a monstrous traffic jam--chosen to help explain scientific fundamentals. Within each larger chapter are 15 or more two-page spreads focused on a single idea. With just two to four paragraphs per topic, Suplee manages to clearly communicate the facts in a chunk that's easily digestible, even for science-phobes. For parents who want to be able to help with the homework, students who need a quick reference, and browsers who love National Geographic-caliber knowledge and photos, The New Everyday Science Explained is a delight. -- Amazon