Curt Suplee

Everyday Science Explained

"Why aren't these avid roller-coaster riders falling right off the track? What do watery ripples have in common with lasers, earthquakes, and sound? How do aerialists and athletes keep their balance? Explore some of the fascinating facts about that most marvelous machine -- the human body -- as it develops from a single cell into the world's most incredible entity. These and other eye-opening insights into the realms of science fill this lavishly illustrated book. Author Curt Suplee explains the natural laws that govern the everyday lives of us all clearly, concisely, accurately -- and with style."
--From the publisher.

Selected Works

Popular Science
"a lively, compact, beautifully illustrated and eminently readable exposition of the amazing scope of modern plasma physics." Curtis Callen, Professor of Physics, Princeton University
"The most comprehensible authoritative survey of all physics for unscientific readers.... The thrill of intellectual adventure is palpable in the book..."
--The New York Times
"Suplee ... does an excellent job of elucidating complex theories such as relativity and chaos."
--Publishers Weekly
"Living, breathing" science information that encourages readers to explore their everyday existence"
--School Library Journal
"Magnificent ... updates Curt Suplee's coffee table classic with 21st-century answers to many of the most common science questions, and quite a few uncommon ones."